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Ten Facts About Big Fat Daddy’s 


Wayne Schafer, Pitmaster


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1. Pitmaster Wayne M. Schafer is the original owner/operator of Big Fat Daddy’s for three decades.

2. The company started in Baltimore, Maryland in 1982. It operated at Fairs and Festivals until a small “pit beef stand” was opened by Wayne and younger brother Brian in the early 90’s on Route 40 in Rosedale.  (This are dubbed, “Pit Beef Row” back then.)

Big Fat Daddy's.

3. Big Fat Daddy’s was made famous overnight thanks to the dry rub process the Schafer brothers used on beef. Found late 90’s by author Steven Raichlen–from the NY Times to Saveur Magazine, the brothers were working full time to keep up with fairs, festivals and catering clients.

big fat daddys

4. Since that, Big Fat Daddy’s has been featured in over 60 publications, (print/books/magazines/online) and appeared on Food Network (for their Maryland Crab Dip) and again for the Colossal Got Beef? ® Crabcake topped with Pit Beef , Bacon, Crab Dip and cheeses!


5. Wayne Schafer is considered a social media guru, and has been hired by some of food’s top dogs and celebrity chefs to promote their products.

6. Big Fat Daddy’s is know for a  rare “All You Can Eat” menu which most caterers don’t do.

7. Big Fat Daddy’s was inducted into and is featured in a permanent exhibit in Louisiana’s Southern Food and Beverage Museum, “Trail of Smoke and Fire” for “Maryland’s BBQ” in 2015.

8. Big Fat Daddy’s is now based in Manchester, PA, but you can’t eat there. Their facility was opened up publicly in 2015 for a special “VISIT YORK PA FACTORY TOUR STOP” as part of the York Convention and Visitors Bureau Made in America Tour!

 9. Schafer and wife own the “got beef?®” logo as it pertains to all clothing, apparel, and kitchenware.

10. Wayne attributes his success by having immediate family,friends and volunteer pit crew help him on big events because “they care” and love to barbecue.

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